From investor, to founder, to Pendulom, and now to Altimates.

See Pendulom’s journey thus far, and what we have in store for the future.

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  • TwinWin Contracts are a form of Derivatives that combine two benefits into one product. This is done by establishing a safety barrier with the asset

  • First, the investor will gain value from rising share prices.

  • Second, even if the price falls, the losses are converted into calculated profit as long as the safety barrier is not breached

  • Under this model, it creates a win-win strategy for the clients, the bank and the asset manager.

  • The Pendulom Core Strategy combines what we understand about millennial generation & the security from TwinWin Structured Notes to effectively manage risk

  • By using TwinWin Contracts to invest in the shares of tech companies used widely by the Millennial generation, investors can invest with confidence & feel in control as they are the consumers & supporters of those platforms.

  • With the combination of TwinWin & Investing in the platforms of the new generations, Pendulom Core Strategy provides a double security to benefit the investors

About AltiMates

  • Altimates is an advanced online digital trading platform that provides access to advanced alternative investment vehicles to anyone with a smartphone or internet connected computer.

  • It gives you ability to have access to your portfolio & make investments anytime, anywhere.

  • Every individual contract & transaction is secured using state of the art Blockchain Technology to protect investors account & Investment from fraud & theft.

  • TwinWin Structured Note contracts provide investors with a steady weekly/monthly/quarterly payout as well as a payout upon maturity as long as the price remains within the barrier.

  • By referring friends or family to trade within the Altimates Platform subscribers can earn Group Referral Bonus (GRB).

  • Altimates Token (AT) can be traded between other investors.