We conduct qualitative investment research to analyse the resources in the finance market.


We provide wealth solutions and asset management for our clients.


Our company has established an integrated structure and strategic cooperations with major private banks and financial institutions.

"Take tradition and make it innovation"

Strong Robert founded Pendulom early of 2019. He is the General Partner in the firm and manages investment cycles with institutional LPs. He sits in the Investment Committee of Pendulom and provides strategic leadership for the company’s growth throughout Asia, managing portfolios of more than USD 1 billion.

Between making Pendulom’s major decisions and communicating with the Investment Committee, Strong Robert sets the tone, vision and strategy of the company’s long term growth as well as its day-to-day functions. His own personal aspiration to provide accessible investment solutions for everyone makes the foundation and the resolution of the company moving forward.

He holds a degree in Business Economics from London Business School. He enjoys food, wine, running marathons (to compensate for the former), skiing, mountaineering, golfing and having fun in life with his friends.

"Don’t limit yourself. What you believe in, you can achieve"

Katherine is a major part in Pendulom from its inception and still is a key personnel in the company. She is responsible for leading investment executions and portfolio management for Pendulom.

Katherine plays pivotal role in Pendulom by tracking investment capital flow and managing the company’s funding. She assists the CEO with forecasting, cost-benefit analysis of Pendulom’s initiatives. She works with other senior managers and contributes to the company’s overall success, especially in terms of growth and sustainabilty.

She is also actively involved in the management of Pendulom’s deals and has a strong presence in Asia. Her forte is working on all aspects of the firm’s advisory and investment activities in the consumer and manufacturing sectors globally.

"Chase the vision instead of monetary returns. You will get paid far more"

Sasa is the co-founder of Pendulom. She oversees the company’s acquisitions and business-development activities. She co-directs the overall investment strategy and has a passion for creating value through education and sharing her knowledge. She brings to the company over 15 years of experience in general management, relationships, and business development expertise.

At Pendulom, Sasa helps establish investment strategies that seek to outpace the market. This goal determines the how the structure of investment should be. She also oversees a team of professionals who manages and monitors investment activity, manage pension funds, works with external analysts, and maintaining good investor relations.

Sasa graduated with honours from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Business Economics.