Pendulom's Official Launch

Pendulom is an investment capital firm with the vision of building a sustainable investment ecosystem.

The Story of Pendulom

Pendulom is the founding parent company of the alternative investment platform, AltiMates, and other subsidiaries. Through Pendulom, investors from all experience levels, beginner or veteran, can be introduced to customised and curated alternative investment opportunities to grow value and enhance the lives of its partners and investors.

With the AltiMates Platform, investors may subscribe to Twin Win Structured Notes and enjoy its benefits. Twin Win Structured Products can mitigate risk from falling stock prices by establishing a protective barrier, hence as long as the share price stays above the barrier, the investor can still earn returns. Through the contract, the investor may earn a fixed payout to achieve a sustainable passive income.

Vision and Mission of Pendulom

Vision: To promote sustainability across all economic, financial, and asset management aspects of individuals, community, and international growth.

Mission: To make investment accessible for investors from all backgrounds regardless of their income by providing advanced investment tools and strategies to investors.

Building a Sustainable Investment Ecosystem

Pendulom’s goal is to offer and help investors build a sustainable investment ecosystem where they can effectively manage their portfolio and continue to grow their assets by tapping into a passive income stream. Through customised long-term strategies, integration of modern technology, and a growing skill set, Pendulom aspires to impact and make a difference to the public community.